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Distinctive Value Grounded in Business & Corporate Law Experience

Deborah brings practical insights from her years as:

  • CEO of investor-backed digital health company

  • Board Chair implementing first-time governing board in $1B revenue consumer products company

  • Service on several additional corporate boards

  • Restructuring Officer

  • Strategic consultant

  • Corporate and transactional attorney


Deborah has extensive involvement as counsel and/or business principal in complex transactions of many forms:

  • mergers and acquisitions (split-ups, spinoffs and mergers of equals)

  • debt and equity offerings (public and private)

  • public securities reporting and compliance

  • long-term supply arrangements

  • development and commercialization of new products

  • joint ventures, licensing and other strategic partnerships

  • software and mobile app development

  • data privacy

  • restructuring and recapitalizing distressed companies

She has arbitrated and mediated matters involving complex long-term investment structures and service / supply commitments.

Deborah is deeply steeped in the application and law of corporate governance. She helped implement best practices while Board Chair establishing a first-time governing board in a 100-year old company with varying blocks of third generation family ownership. She has served as majority-appointed board member alongside independent member and minority-appointed member. She has chaired governance committees for non-profit companies enhancing corporate governance. She has been responsible for advising public and private corporations, LLC’s, and non-profits on the obligations of good corporate governance.

She has mediated and arbitrated issues alleging breach of fiduciary duty, unjust enrichment and self-dealing.

Fact-finding and information exchange is a critical aspect of corporate transactions as in dispute resolution. Deborah’s first-hand experience in due diligence offers practical experience in scoping appropriate access to vital information and people without undue delay, burden or expense.

Structuring and running efficient processes is a skill Deborah honed in the boardroom, as CEO, and as lead counsel in varying complex transactions. She utilizes those skills to deliver on the promise of arbitration, for efficient and and timely resolution. She uses the sense of process in mediation to foster framework for reaching agreement.

See “Concentrations” for examples of specific industries in which Deborah has used her expertise.