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Deborah is an experienced mediator and arbitrator, having handled a dozen formal dispute resolution proceedings. She provides 35+ years experience in corporate finance, transactions, and leadership roles. She currently serves on three health care related corporate boards and previously served on three boards in other industries. Deborah has extensive involvement in:

  • mergers and acquisitions (split-ups, spinoffs and mergers of equals)

  • debt and equity offerings (public and private)

  • public securities reporting and compliance

  • long-term supply arrangements

  • development and commercialization

  • joint ventures, licensing and other strategic partnerships

  • software and mobile app development

  • data privacy

  • corporate governance

  • restructuring and recapitalizing distressed companies




Industry concentrations include:

  • health care

  • pharmaceuticals / biotech

  • consumer products

  • manufacturing

  • processing and distribution

  • financial services

  • telecom

  • software as a service

dispute resolution

Representative matters in arbitration or mediation include:

  • breach of fiduciary duty claims

  • allegations of self-dealing and unjust enrichment

  • data breaches and inappropriate use of private data

  • disputes over service and supply commitments

  • testing company’s determination of outcomes

  • medical diagnosis requirement for trust payout

  • insurance coverage

  • property damage

  • constitutional rights violations

  • landlord tenant disputes

  • negligence claims and personal injury