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Offering arbitration and mediation.


Arbitration works when it provides a cost-effective, relatively speedy resolution with outcomes strongly grounded in relevant law. With an extensive background in corporate leadership, business operations and transactional law, Deborah is uniquely positioned as an arbitrator for commercial disputes.  

Deborah has been the sole arbitrator in several matters and wing arbitrator in complex arbitrations. She was an arbitrator in five rounds at the 26th Annual Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot (Vienna 2019). She is experienced in evaluating dispositive motions and has granted some via reasoned rulings, while in other cases determining that the interests of a fair and efficient process are better served by proceeding to full hearing. She is highly attuned to the need to collect and evaluate relevant information without creating unnecessary delays or expenses. She is adept at running processes efficiently in an open and even-handed manner.

Deborah's broad experience with many industries and business systems brings practical grounding to her evaluation of relevant information. Extensive legal background provides a solid basis for evaluating the parties' legal foundations.   

Deborah is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. She is a member of the following arbitration panels:

  • American Arbitration Association, Commercial, Consumer, Health Care, Mergers &Acquisitions, Joint Ventures

  • American Health Lawyers Association Dispute Resolution Service

  • International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution (“CPR”), Distinguished Panel of Neutrals for Arbitration

  • FINRA Panel of Arbitrators

She is a member of CPR and a member of its Transactional Dispute Prevention and Resolution Committee and its Diversity Task Force.